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  1. 11 hours ago, JimB said:

    I recently posted the same question with photos and received the same responses. I did a quick Google search and saw that there are orange variants of this species with photos showing a definite orange color (like the fruit) to some more reddish-orange like yours and the one I posted. The one that I observed and photographed was mostly in the shade and still had a distinct orange color which I've never seen before on a Scarlet Tanager.

    Thanks for the additional info! This always gives some more perspective to things ?

  2. Good afternoon!

    Recently I got back into birding again after a hiatus of several years. The pickup of this hobby is the acquiring of a new lens for my camera. As I am still relatively unfamiliar with the North American birds (I am originally from Europe), I appreciate your help.
    The first one I am unsure about is this one which I spotted in the afternoon in the middle of a relatively dense (small) forest in the Quarry Hill nature center in Rochester, MN. I believe this to be a Wren, however, which kind I cannot seem to figure out. There were no other birds that I could see at that moment.

    A maybe unrelated question, but does anyone have a suggestion for a good bird determination book that I can buy for North American birds? I like searching for information on the internet, but a book is still more convenient for me.



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