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  1. The bill first led me to black-crowned but on pictures yellow-crowned sometimes also shows some yellow in the bill and the eye looks more like for the Yellow-crowned? Or is the eye not a distinctive feature and gives the brownish-tint and fine streaking the best indication (Black)?

    Seen in Aruba 2 weeks ago, but since they are also resident in the US, thought I can also post it here (since more people look here).




  2. Snorkeling is indeed absolutely amazing @Clip! It has been my hobby for a long time; every time we visited family in the Caribbean and we went swimming I had my goggles on. This year, however, I thought to myself, let's buy some accessories to make pictures from the wildlife below the sea level.

    I did already have a Canon G7X mark II which my girlfriend uses extensively when we are on a holiday, let's see if there is an underwater case for this camera that I can buy. Apparently there was one; the Canon WP-DC55. Below is a picture that I took with that setup. It was a bit of an investment, but it payed off big time!


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  3. 1 hour ago, blackburnian said:

    My friend just got the R5/100-500 setup and speaks wonders about the image quality with a 1.4 extender. Almost no noticeable decrease at all. Crazy. He also routinely shoots at ridiculous ISO and the photos turn out great. That camera is a beast. 

    I will agree to this! Last year I upgraded from the 7DmkII to the R5 with the 100-500 and it was well worth the investment! I cannot speak about other camera brads but I am very happy with this combo ? 

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:


    It was very windy yesterday; sometimes it would, sometimes the bird was obscured.  Single-point may well have worked, but the goal was to work on my mechanical skills in the no-stress environment of my back yard so I won't be fumbling (as much) in the field.  Getting BBF as a muscle memory and losing the reflex to focus with the shutter button was the big goal, along with holding the camera steady while holding BBF down with the right hand so I could focus with left, finding the bird while already zoomed to 400mm or better, etc.  (Heck, I use binos in the back yard with cardinals at 20 feet, just to keep the learned reflexes for finding and focusing in muscle memory.)

    Even so, it turned out to be a bit of a thrill anyway when the Cape May showed up.  I've only seen two before, neither in the yard, and had no good shots of either.  Fortunately, it arrived relatively late in the session when I'd already had some practice.  Even then, a lot of burst sequences I shot after the bird changed perches were out of focus because I would revert to the accustomed single-button-focus fingering, shoot, and then realize I hadn't focused.

    I see! Yes it is always a good idea to keep your skills in the best shape they can be ? 

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