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  1. Not the best picture, but I was very surprised that I saw one flying! 😮 😄
  2. Thanks for the feedback! (All out of likes for today, so they will come tomorrow 🙂)
  3. Seen this morning in Rochester, MN. My best guesses are: 1-2) Orange-crowned Warbler 3) Chestnut-sided Warbler 4) Chipping Sparrow
  4. Seen yesterday late in the morning in Rochester, MN.
  5. I always love to observe the Black-capped Chickadees at work 🙂
  6. After I found out that we have hummingbirds in the local park, my goal for this summer was to capture one. A lot of times, I came close, but yesterday it finally happened! 😄 Not 100% satisfied with the picture quality, but at least my goal is achieved! Winter is now allowed to come...
  7. That said; if you say it cannot be the same bird then I can believe that, stranger things have happened 🙂
  8. Thanks for the input! As for the question if #3 and #4 are the same bird, these images were taken 40 seconds apart (with a few other images in between). I cannot be 100% sure that it is not the same bird, but I am fairly certain. I was following #3 in these relatively dense bushes and it could indeed be possible that right at the same time another bird came in the frame where #3 was in the same general direction (there were some moments that I lost track of the bird to pick it up a few seconds later, you probably know how that goes..)
  9. Pictures taken this morning in Rochester, MN. There are 4 sets of two pictures, i.e. each bird has 2 pictures. 1-2) Baltimore Oriole (immature male?) 3-4) No idea.. it is the same bird 5-6) American Robin (the color looks strange to me, an immature?) 7-8) Least Flycatcher
  10. Thanks for the additional info, it helps a lot! More things to more actively consider for next time.
  11. Thanks! However, I am also curious what makes this a Yellowthroat over a Nashville Warbler.
  12. Thanks! Let's wait and see what the verdict will be on the warbler.
  13. My best guesses! The finches I saw at the end on July and the Warbler last weekend. Both in Rochester, MN.
  14. Not a lot to go on, but I am thinking the first is a Broad-winged Hawk. It looks like it has the one white band on the underside of the tail. The second I am guessing a Common Yellowthroat. If so, would this be an immature bird? Both seen yesterday in Rochester, MN.
  15. Thanks for the input! It is unfortunate that I cannot "zoom and enhance" like in tv series to see what he has in its claw 😄
  16. Thanks, this was also a first for me! When I put it into the eBird checklist it requires me to add some additional data as it is flagged as rare, so this even more exciting now! Hopefully I will get to see him/her some more as this encounter was maximally 30 seconds.. 🙂
  17. Saw this American Kestrel flying over this morning. When looking at it on the PC I noticed that it had a prey in its claw and it also looks like it was eating it mid flight. I am just curious, but is this a common behavior of this species and other predator birds? Or am I seeing this wrong and he is just looking at it?
  18. Thanks! Good to know that you can also add the month to the eBird map, I did not know that.
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