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  1. 7 hours ago, xpoetmarcr said:

    When I import images to my computer, I also use a preset to change all of the names at the same time to include the date.  For example, my default naming system is something like MLR_220120_0001.  The first 3 are my initials, the next 6 are the date (YYMMDD), and the last group is the image number set (in camera) to increment with each shutter release.  That way there will never be files with the same name and files will always sort in order of image number and date.  I can also do a filename search based on the last four and see by the file name when it was taken.  Or, do a filename search by the date.

    If you use more than one camera, you can avoid duplicate filenames by adding the camera model number (ex.: D5600, 5D, etc.) in the file name as well.  In that case, this is how I name the file:  MLR_D500_220120_0001.  

    Another 2¢ from my piggy bank.  ?

    I have a very similar file naming system. For me it is date_time_initials_cameramodel_filenumber. Where the date is written backwards (year, month, day) so the file order is always correct in the file explorer. When importing the files in Lightroom the program automatically renames all the files.

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