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  1. This morning saw the Eastern Kingbird for the first time!
  2. Thanks, that is very interesting! That explains why I cold not seem to find anything. I seem to have forgotten the time; this was in the morning, around 10am.
  3. Thanks! I was aware that there were 2 birds, but not necessarily that I also shot both of them (they flew off and afterwards one came back)
  4. Heard today in Rochester, MN. They were relatively close, but could not see them... 20210531-094806-0001.wav
  5. I think they were having fun. After some dancing they flew off together somewhere more private I guess ?
  6. Usually, I wouldn't say I like dandelions or geese, but in this setting they made a good pair I would say
  7. I thought I had everything from yesterday, but apparently not! (at that time I thought this was the same Veery as spotted earlier in the morning on that spot) Leaning for the Swainson's but not sure.. Seen in Rochester, MN.
  8. Dusting off the ID skills.. Seen Yesterday in Rochester, MN.
  9. Testing out my new camera, so far so good! However, still waiting for the new lens; probably have to wait a couple more weeks..
  10. Could this be a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker or is it something else? First time I heard this rhythm (did not see the bird). Recorded today in Rochester, MN. 20210509-153953.wav
  11. I see, thanks for the info! Not sure why, but I indeed never accounted for the migration of larger birds..
  12. Seen some time ago (01-12-2021) in Rochester, MN on a golf course.
  13. The other day a friend of mine said he saw a bald eagle in Rochester, MN (in the city). While this is possible of course, I was skeptical and asked if he had a picture and he did. He sent me this short video (with the expected quality) of which I took this screenshot. My first thought was that this was impossible for me to determine, but when I enlarged it on the big screen I started leaning towards a turkey vulture. I am guessing this will be a piece of cake for you to identify, what would be your determination? Thanks
  14. Not sure if it is levitating.. but it does not need its wings either
  15. These are the ones I remember taking, probably have some more in the library, but this should suffice for now ?
  16. Kinglets... on the one hand, I love them because they are cute and they do not seem to be too bothered by my presence. On the other hand, I also hate them because they are VERY hard and frustrating to photograph, but these two are decent from this morning ?
  17. I am very familiar with the situation you describe; patients and perseverance (and luck I would say) get a long way! Great shots!
  18. Indeed, later in the evening I got a message from eBird saying that it looks more like a Hermit!
  19. Seen this afternoon in Rochester, MN. Also had another one that I could not identify..
  20. Ah, yes I see! Not sure why I did not pick that up.. too many different Warblers looking too similar too me; still much to learn!
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