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  1. Are we also doing birds from other countries? Taken some time back in the Netherlands, a European robin
  2. Not necessarily singing, more like shouting I'm hungry! ?
  3. First time for me seeing the work of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (only heard him once before) and I am amazed by the fact that this does not kill the tree! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/354099931
  4. Seen last weekend near Ironwood, Michigan. If Hooded Merganser, is there also a way to determine the sex at this time of the year?
  5. I cannot seem to figure this one out.. Seen last weekend near Upson, WI at the edge of a small lake and a wooded area
  6. This is very good information to have, thank you!
  7. Is this enough to ID this one without additional pictures? Seen last weekend in Rochester, MN
  8. Good points and I have no idea about hybrids. I currently do not have any other pictures, I will be on the lookout for more. Maybe you can see something here, I zoomed in a lot and reduced the highlights a bit.
  9. Seen last weekend in Rochester, MN. This time with very bad pictures, probably the first picture is a different bird. I do not have any additional images to share with better angles..
  10. I guess this little guy (Chipping Sparrow I believe) was hungry!
  11. Ok thanks! I was not aware that the females have a hint of blue on the shoulder of the wing @Birding Boy I also saw the band, makes you wonder when it was caught
  12. This Great Crested Flycatcher was cooperating relatively good! Of course, it could always have been better ?
  13. This morning saw the Eastern Kingbird for the first time!
  14. Thanks, that is very interesting! That explains why I cold not seem to find anything. I seem to have forgotten the time; this was in the morning, around 10am.
  15. Thanks! I was aware that there were 2 birds, but not necessarily that I also shot both of them (they flew off and afterwards one came back)
  16. Heard today in Rochester, MN. They were relatively close, but could not see them... 20210531-094806-0001.wav
  17. I think they were having fun. After some dancing they flew off together somewhere more private I guess ?
  18. Usually, I wouldn't say I like dandelions or geese, but in this setting they made a good pair I would say
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