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  1. Hi all, Taken last weekend off Half Moon Bay. I think all 3 birds (by row) are Ashy.
  2. juvenile Least for comparizon, maybe too young
  3. Taken in mid May hoping it's a Craveri's but told a Scripp's
  4. Taken off the coast of Monterrey CA last August. Short-tailed was called out but need confirmation. thankjs
  5. Taken in mid August off the coast of San Diego.. I think Red Phalarope, but I have a hard time distinguishing. thanks
  6. Taken last weekend, this is a process of elimination. The bird looks clearly smaller. All the same bird.
  7. Taken last weekend, hoping its a Craveri's
  8. Taken last weekend off San Diego. Trying to get an Ashy Storm-Petrel.
  9. Well, a couple of great lessons for me. I thought I did my homework when I went to Austin. I got a regional list of species that went back two months. A Field Sparrow had not been reported in the Austin area since January, so not on my hit list. I am very poor at identifying, but this "House Sparrow" bothered me enough so that I was willing to go through the self imposed embarrassment of the subject line. As usual, you guys are great! This is a lifebird!
  10. Just to make sure, taken a month ago in Austin, TX
  11. taken last weekend south of San Francisco thanks!
  12. Ladder-backed Woodpecker FowlContent #79
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