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  1. I worded my rant incorrectly as I was not questioning the ID, just my frustration that, especially with gulls, a guide doesn't tell you everything you need and poorly tried to explain that. With my lack of discerning color variations, zero auditory skills, and poor memory makes me the perfect nonbirder. There are times that I cringe posting a question because I know in advance that it would be obvious to someone. I have been on this site since 2009 and find that the current group of active participants are excellent and I am very grateful for the help. Despite my personal frustrations, I keep coming back..... I am too digital and too old to fix it.
  2. the wing projection goes well beyond the undertail coverts and the wing bars aren't evident(?) why I had trouble
  3. north central Arizona taken in August I think a Western Tanager
  4. Hammond's has a very long wing projection that goes well past the undertail coverts
  5. all pictures from central Arizona in winter I think eared grebe
  6. primaries are lighter than Western, didn't catch that
  7. Santa Maria, CA in March I think all the following are Ring-billed Gulls
  8. Santa Maria, CA in March I think all the following are Western Gulls
  9. I have a number of shots of that I think are short-billed, but not adults. Please let me know if any of these are not short-billed. All from the same location and taken in March. thanks
  10. I learned fairly quickly into my birding that sometime obscure angles and lousy pictures actually add to the ability to ID a problem bird. Since then, I have kept every shot I have ever taken and simply file them by date for future reference. On multiple occasions that process has saved me. Storage is cheap.
  11. I am probably beating a dead bird here, but these illustrations are what I was working with. Per my observations (which are typically faulty) 1) my bird is in adult plumage, 2) does not have a yellow beak, 3) has gray legs thanks again for your help in getting me a lifer, fun anyway you look at it
  12. pls save my sanity by agreeing that this bird does not look like any of the examples provided by Sibley and BTW, lifebird! a big thanks
  13. Santa Maria, CA in March I seem to have a block...? thanks
  14. I looked at my shots of the two species and agree with you on Hooded as there is more color on the breast(?)
  15. thx DLecy, discussions like this make me feel better about my not having ID'd the bird,
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