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  1. first off I am colorblind, I cannot see the nuances that maybe present

    the first shot was in September, the second in October

    if I look at leucistic NOCAs, the feathers seem to be stark white, these feathers don't look white(?)

    the second bird shows bleaching on the primaries, leucism impacts the entire feather

    So I am inclined to agree that both these birds are maturing juveniles. But if this is the vestiges juvenile plumage , why doesn't the internet have a ton of examples?


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  2. Well, a couple of great lessons for me.

    I thought I did my homework when I went to Austin.

    I got a regional list of species that went back two months.

    A Field Sparrow had not been reported in the Austin area since January, so not on my hit list.

    I am very poor at identifying, but this "House Sparrow" bothered me enough so that I was

    willing to go through the self imposed embarrassment of the subject line.

    As usual, you guys are great!  This is a lifebird!

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