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  1. Taken last week in San Francisco I think an Elegant Tern
  2. Thanks guys. What threw me on this was I could not find the black head pattern in any other photos. I appreciate your help and support.
  3. Taken this past weekend off the coast of San Francisco. Maybe a Marbled Murrelet?
  4. Hi all, I am hoping that I have a mixed flock of phalaropes as one of them will be a lifebird and the other an improved shot of a species that I already have. Taken this past weekend off the coast of San Francisco. I am totally unfamiliar with these birds. An observation would be helpful. THANKS! above, lower left is #1 Red, above right #2 Red Lower left #3 Red, upper right #4 Red-necked lower left #5 Red-necked, lower middle #6 Red, lower right #7 Red-necked, upper right #8 Red
  5. Taken a couple of weeks ago north of San Diego. I think a first year Bullock's Oriole.
  6. I am working on getting group shots, this was a close crop. thanks to all for the support
  7. Taken a couple of weeks ago in San Diego I think a Caspian...
  8. Taken two weeks ago in San Diego. I think Tropical?
  9. you will like this website http://www.birdpop.org/pages/birdSpeciesCodes.php use the link to get the standard codes its the list used by ebird, ibird, and whatbird
  10. Why do people provide links rather than inserted photos? How do we know if it's a hotlink to the address displayed? In the ID forum people are asking for help, why create extra work? Please display your photos in the forums.
  11. OMG, deja vu all over again Now I won't know if it's failing memory or Easter morning.
  12. Ditto that. I have made lifelong friends, sadly BigFoot and SnowyOwl, and always always appreciate the help from this community, which by the way, included you. Thanks to all for an ongoing great experience.
  13. Hi all, Took this flycatcher in Sierra Vista last week. I am hoping for a lifebird so don't want to lead the witness.
  14. Except for vagrants, Broad-billed would be out of range. Your two top picks are Broad-tailed and Black-chinned. With the lack of curvature on the bill, I would suggest Broad-tailed. Try and crop your shots.
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