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  1. central Arizona December Orange-crowned?
  2. the big bill is the ID, note this Ash-throated bill
  3. I did the original Photoshop 14 years ago, redid it to ensure that I did nothing but shadow/brightness (a bit over exposed), must be a camera aberration(?) Happy that you made the observation, I think I will leave it as is now knowing that I have a hybrid? I am confident in my manhood and have no problem wearing a pink shirt, even if I didn't know it.
  4. very interesting, big billed flycatcher, maybe Brown-crested (attached)?
  5. I have had this avatar for 14 years, this is the first observation that the gray bird is pink. Is this better?
  6. Indiana in May is this a Least Flycatcher?
  7. I am going through some old photos that I never got an ID for. This one from Indiana in May (2013)
  8. I did that search and I guess I was being too picky. thx
  9. first off I am colorblind, I cannot see the nuances that maybe present the first shot was in September, the second in October if I look at leucistic NOCAs, the feathers seem to be stark white, these feathers don't look white(?) the second bird shows bleaching on the primaries, leucism impacts the entire feather So I am inclined to agree that both these birds are maturing juveniles. But if this is the vestiges juvenile plumage , why doesn't the internet have a ton of examples?
  10. two different Northern Cardinals taken 5 years apart on the south TX coast any comments on the plumage? has anyone seen this in a Northern Cardinal
  11. taken in Florida in April is she simply hiding her crest or do I have something else?
  12. Taken a couple of weeks ago 40+ miles offshore would appreciate your feedback 1 Scipp's 2 Guadalupe 3 Scripp's 4 Guadalupe
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