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  1. Oh, I can try that out. I’m new here, so I still have a lot to learn about this. Also, being able to guess the robin’s age by the beak too is pretty interesting. I’ve heard of feathers, but not the beak before.
  2. Well, the problem with me creating a new account is that when I put in the email address, it says “this email address is used by another user.” Or something like that. Can I actually delete my old account, or maybe edit the name?
  3. Oh, I didn’t know I could do that, thanks for letting me know! I think I might be able to do that. I didn’t see it feeding any young ones, but I did see it on the nest. It already flew away, and I don’t know if it will come back or not. The picture is a terrible picture, but it actually is a young robin. From where I was, it was a lot brighter than the picture, and I could see the white eye ring and everything. It might be one of the babies, and they might be a lot older than I think.
  4. I would have posted this earlier, but we had to do things and see about a few pets (including a very young one).
  5. I got a picture of a baby! It’s kind of hard to see. It’s only the front, the head is covered by leaves that were in front, but I got enough that I can tell that it has the spots of a typical young robin, most of it’s flight feathers, and it might fledge soon or has already fledged. I’m actually not sure if the younger robins help the parents with any second babies they have, but if they do, that’s maybe what it’s doing, because we were going under the tree a bit earlier than now and I didn’t see it. This was taken this morning.
  6. Ok. I don’t need to change my name, I was just thinking about it. Every night, a robin sits on the next door neighbor’s roof. It would make good pictures, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any. I’m sure it’ll be back, so I might put one up later.
  7. Hi, it’s me, the orange bird. I was thinking of changing my name to Fox Sparrow, because the orange bird really was a fox sparrow. For those of you that didn’t see my first post (which got over 50 replies...wow...), I mentioned a Mourning Dove nest around my neighborhood. A few days ago, we saw a half-built bird’s nest in our next door neighbors yard. (Not the same neighbors that had the nest on their house.) It has been raining with heavy winds lately, so we thought it was just a bird’s nest that was in the tree above their yard that fell down in the wind. But 2 days ago, we decided to go across the street and check on how the doves were doing. When we went to the nest site, it was gone...not a stick left! I thought they might have noticed the nest and took it down, but no, a while later, we put two and two together. We think that in the heavy wind, the nest was not yet secure, so it might have blown all the way across the street into their yard. That’s the bad news. But the good news, the doves might have seen and rebuilt... and guess where! They have been flying back and forth to our next door neighbors tree, in their yard! They might have rebuilt there, and if they did, and it isn’t too late for doves, they rebuilt in a much closer area, so we might see them! And even more good news! We have seen a robin’s nest close to our area too! We saw a robin walk down a wire sideways (weird looking, but I guess it’s their way) with a bug in it’s mouth, so possibly, they hatched, but also, it could be the dad carrying food to the mom. The dad sings very loud at random times, even at the middle of the night! The dog next door hates birds, so he barks at them in their nest. But the downstairs dog never barks at birds, and she seems to not bother them, so she might not be a threat. Thanks for all your help on my first post, and I can keep you updated on the robins.
  8. Yes, I agree with the Gray Catbird. Blue-gray, black eyes, black conelike beak, no larger than a cardinal, this would most likely be a Gray Catbird. Did it make any sounds? If so, what did they sound like? Catbirds usually nest in shrubs, but it's possible for them to nest on the roots of a tree. I can't see the photo, I don't know why but it isn't blue like the usual website links are. I hope I was able to help.
  9. Hi! Was the bird you saw something like this? This is the only picture I can find with the young tanager's tail reddish. I agree with both your answers, this is what it sounds like. It seems there are so many mystery birds out now that are really young birds.
  10. It could be one of these 2 birds: Northern Cardinal or Pyrrhuloxia. The Northern Cardinal and the Pyrrhuloxia are related, so they sound alike. You could search them on AllAboutBirds.com and see which one sounds closer.
  11. Ok, I had never seen one and I was hoping to see one a few years ago. The only sparrows I've seen are House Sparrow, which is an Old World Sparrow, my bird book says it is related to the Snowfinches on the other side of the world, and the Song Sparrow, which is an actual sparrow from here. So far, this is the closest I've gotten to the bird, so I guess it is a Red Fox Sparrow! If anything comes closer, that is what it would probably be. Thank you guys for helping me find what it most likely is!
  12. This is another Red one. It is closer than the Slate one to what I saw, it is a bit more orange.
  13. The grosbeak was close. The immature male had a bit of red on his belly, which looked a bit orangeish, and the female was more yellow orange, but she did not have orange on her tail. This is the Slate Fox Sparrow, and the site says they don't get up to NY. I don't know, because birds can fly, but I'm just going to stick to the Red version for now, because if they say they don't get up here, they probably won't.
  14. This is one of the Red versions. Yes, I will look at Rose Breasted Grosbeak. I like the robiny song they sing. Maybe that could be BackyardBirdEnthusiast's bird if they get to Utah!
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