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  1. Identifying Yellow Warblers makes me crazy! lol Northern California tree-lined river bank. Thanks!
  2. Juvenile OCW have grayish heads but also have a white neck and split eye-ring . . . . this bird has neither?
  3. Riparian habitat, inland Northern California. Two views of same bird Thank you!
  4. Yes. They are seen occasionally but they are relatively rare. You sometimes hear them; tough to get a photo.
  5. A Riparian corridor; thick trees and bushes alongside a slough (creek). Southwest of Sacramento A known migratory bird area in the Pacific Flyway. (was also an American Redstart about 50 yards away.)
  6. Northern California in Riparian Habitat near Sacramento. Beak didn't look right for Orange-crowned Warbler? Thank You!
  7. Two Flycatchers. Riparian corridor West of Sacramento, CA. Thanks!
  8. Riparian habitat alongside a creek in Northern California near town of Winters. Lots of birds, was able to identify most but not sure about the following. Thank you very much!
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