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  1. RTH it is. I thank all of you for the detailed analysis and help.
  2. Ran into this Hawk this afternoon in Northern California. I want to call it a Borealis Red-Tailed Hawk but it just looks more like a Rufous Tailed Hawk waaaay out of it's range. Or could be a hybrid? Scoured web but inconclusive. Thanks.
  3. White eye ring and eyebrow stripe Yellow Legs Dusky gray back Freshwater pond near Sacramento California
  4. Shorebird with very distinctive white-dot stitching around each feather. Yellow legs. Pretty clean white breast. Fresh water wetland in Central California Valley. Recent arrival. Thanks!
  5. Northern California forest near creek. Is this a Lincoln Sparrow? Buff color wash is throwing me a bit here. Thank you.
  6. I would like another opinion. Graces' is way out of range and doesnt seem to match photos?
  7. This bird has me stumped. Northern California riparian corridor. Thanks!
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