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  1. I didnt it was just perched quietly. Thanks for the honest take. Appreciate it.
  2. Yes sure. Sorry. Davis area West of Sacramento. Alongside a creek in thick riparian corridor.
  3. Thank you. I could not get a view of the armpits so I wasn't entirely sure.
  4. Common I'm sure but can't ID. Northern California wetland. Thank you!
  5. Northern California today high over valley hills. Two-year old Bald Eagle?
  6. Thrown by cut off streaks and white/buff lower breast. Riparian habitat in Northern California. Thanks!
  7. A very small bird. Flying rapidly in a group of four over a freshwater creek in Northern California Central Valley.
  8. I thought Warbling Vireo or Nashville or Orange Crown BUT the very thick eye ring has confused me. Northern California. Creek side.
  9. Golden Eagle or Bald Eagle in Northern California. (same bird)
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