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  1. I researched this and need confirmation of what to call this bird exactly. Is this a Chipping Sparrow, and if so, what is the correct terminology when a bird is partially white like this one? Will colored feathers eventually grow in? Thank you! Bonnie Enriquez
  2. THANK YOU! A new one to me - Song Sparrow. I appreciate your expertise. Bonnie
  3. These two birds were in my backyard in Douglasville, GA a couple of days ago. I usually only notice them at this time of year - not year round. They were not in the exact same spot but nearby and within a half hour or less of each other. Would you please verify if the first picture is of a juvenile White-Throated Sparrow and the second picture an adult White-Throated Sparrow or if I am wrong, please identify correctly. (I did note the adult one is tan-striped version (head), not white-striped version or morph (not familiar with the lingo, but have seen this once before). Thank you - Bonnie Enriquez
  4. https://www.audubon.org/news/the-fascinating-and-complicated-sex-lives-white-throated-sparrows Now that I know what to research, I found this article that goes into detail about this. Thanks to all again. BE
  5. Thank you to all for the ID AND the additional information. I saw that SOMETHING was different! Thanks again! Bonnie Enriquez
  6. One more - also took picture yesterday in back yard in Douglasville, GA. Please identify. Thank you - Bonnie Enriquez
  7. Sorry - posted pic without message. Took this picture yesterday in back yard in Douglasville, GA. I think it may be a White-Throated Sparrow, because of the yellow markings and the, well, the white throat, lol...anyway, the coloring does not look like what I have seen in the past, so maybe this is an immature one or a female? Thank you. Bonnie Enriquez
  8. WOW - thank you all - blown away by all of this great info! You guys are GREAT! Thank you - Bonnie
  9. Please ID this bird who came out in the small snow "storm" we had yesterday in Douglasville, GA. I have seen him/her many times in the past and believed it was a Cooper's Hawk. I posted it on FB and a fellow poster believes it is a "Peregrine Falcon AKA Sparrow Hawk", which I did notice has different markings, such as gray bars rather than rust bars and the eyes look different in a couple of ways. Since I possibly have already misidentified, please let me know ID and any identifying marks that would be different than the Peregrine Falcon. Thank you - Bonnie Enriquez
  10. Thank you to all who replied! Bonnie Enriquez
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