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  1. https://www.audubon.org/news/the-fascinating-and-complicated-sex-lives-white-throated-sparrows Now that I know what to research, I found this article that goes into detail about this. Thanks to all again. BE
  2. Thank you to all for the ID AND the additional information. I saw that SOMETHING was different! Thanks again! Bonnie Enriquez
  3. One more - also took picture yesterday in back yard in Douglasville, GA. Please identify. Thank you - Bonnie Enriquez
  4. Sorry - posted pic without message. Took this picture yesterday in back yard in Douglasville, GA. I think it may be a White-Throated Sparrow, because of the yellow markings and the, well, the white throat, lol...anyway, the coloring does not look like what I have seen in the past, so maybe this is an immature one or a female? Thank you. Bonnie Enriquez
  5. WOW - thank you all - blown away by all of this great info! You guys are GREAT! Thank you - Bonnie
  6. Please ID this bird who came out in the small snow "storm" we had yesterday in Douglasville, GA. I have seen him/her many times in the past and believed it was a Cooper's Hawk. I posted it on FB and a fellow poster believes it is a "Peregrine Falcon AKA Sparrow Hawk", which I did notice has different markings, such as gray bars rather than rust bars and the eyes look different in a couple of ways. Since I possibly have already misidentified, please let me know ID and any identifying marks that would be different than the Peregrine Falcon. Thank you - Bonnie Enriquez
  7. Thank you to all who replied! Bonnie Enriquez
  8. Thank you! I am excited anyway because they don't show up in my back yard year round! Thanks so much for the ID!
  9. Backyard bird at feeder, Douglasville, GA, seen yesterday. Have seen before, but not all year, seems to just be traveling through in the Spring and Fall. Thank you for identification. Bonnie Enriquez
  10. Good morning, I took this shot yesterday from my back yard in Douglasville, GA. I think it is a male juvenile Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Please ID for me or confirm. Thank you. Bonnie Enriquez
  11. WOW - thanks to all! So cool to see different birds, if only for a moment! Thanks again! BE
  12. Please ID this bird for me. Found today in Boundary Waters Park, Douglasville, GA. I live 5 minutes away from the park but have never seen this bird in my yard. Could be that they prefer the woods or they could be just passing through. I have already seen two other birds migrating through my area that I had never seen before. Thank you for helping me. Bonnie Enriquez
  14. Please help with ID of these three birds that are not regulars. I live in Douglasville, GA and they were in my back yard September 2 and 3. The yellow and blue-gray bird were here on the same day at the same time and the brown one was alone as far as I could tell. Thank you for your help. Bonnie Enriquez
  15. WOW, finally got one, LOL. Thanks to you all!
  16. Are these juvenile White Ibis? I took this picture this past weekend in south Georgia. Thank you! Bonnie Enriquez
  17. Took photo of this bird in Fernandina Beach, FL at the salt marsh this past week, end of July. I have researched and cannot find anything that exactly fits - is this perhaps a young one that looks different than its adult parent? Thank you for your help! Bonnie Enriquez
  18. I took this photo three days ago in Southeast Georgia (Blackshear) at a pond. I was wondering if these are Wood Ducks and if so is the male among them or just a female with several juveniles. The eyes are different leading me to believe that some of the juveniles are male and some female. Also, I read that the male has brilliant coloring at mating time, but loses it at some point afterward. Do you see the mother/father pair in my photo or some other combination of related ducks - I was thinking (hoping) that they are a family. Thank you!
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