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  1. Why not House Wren? I have no experience with Carolina so I'm just wondering.
  2. Surprised this American Pipit stayed longer than 2 seconds so that I could get a decent shot https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/383239321
  3. That bird was around the size as the Cacklings, but just a little bit larger. I noticed in the field as well that they were a little bit bigger at the time.
  4. Seen today behind Arroyo Grande in the country, Ca
  5. 15 feet away from a Red-tailed Hawk eating a rabbit https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/382698381
  6. US: Northern Cardinal - 35.66% California: Verdin - 1.48% San Luis Obispo County: Mountain Plover - 0.3109%
  7. More Golden-crowned Kinglets along with some Ring-necked Duck.
  8. I'd say pretty good shot considering I was accidentally on Macro
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