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  1. These are all of the photos I have
  2. Seen today at Cypress Ridge Golf Course, Arroyo Grande, Ca. First three photos of the same bird and last 2 are another bird
  3. Oceano, San Luis Obispo County, Ca today. Have more pics if needed.
  4. Short-eared Owl Common Poorwill (no photo)
  5. Lifer Short-eared Owl! - https://ebird.org/checklist/S76804285 55 Species - https://ebird.org/checklist/S76803771 On the way home I also saw a lifer common poorwill!
  6. 1. AMGO 2. LEGO? 3. LEGO? 4. Left LEGO? right AMGO 5. LEGO 6. LEGO
  7. @Connor Cochrane has already guessed correct.
  8. Okay, so the clue is that the bird sounds close to a Wrentit.
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