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  1. I spotted this hawk while walking a pup through Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA today. Although I wasn't able to see its chest, I believe it's a Red Shoulder hawk. There was definitely a second hawk somewhere above on a tree branch, as I could hear it but I couldn't locate it. Also, I believe there's a rat in the hawk's talons, maybe. Not a 100% certain of that either.
  2. That's helpful, thanks. I often see this bonded pair of red shouldered hawks in another part of Atlanta. I also misidentified them as Cooper's about a year ago, and these have much more red on their shoulders than the bird I spotted earlier today. *I don't know why these uploaded sideways.
  3. Thanks. I keep mis-identifying red shouldered hawks as Cooper's hawks. ☹
  4. I have a hard time identifying the raptors unless it's an adult red-tailed hawk. I think this bird might be a Cooper's Hawk but I'm not certain. Seen in Decatur, GA (just outside Atlanta).
  5. Can someone help me identify this hummingbird? Video and picture were taken by my aunt in Atlanta, GA. She lives in a high-rise condo & has flowers on her balcony. I'm only familiar with the ruby-throated hummingbird in Georgia but even though the video and picture are not great quality, the throat on this bird appears to be white or grey. Thanks in advance!! 48449.3gp
  6. A friend of mine here in Atlanta, GA recently purchased a new house and a barred owl (I think...please confirm) has taken up residence on and under her back porch. It's a beautiful bird! But my friend has questions: 1) is this normal behavior or is it the behavior of a younger more inexperienced bird? 2) is she (my friend) safe sitting outside on the porch or is there a good chance of attack 3) is there anything she can do to persuade the owl to take up residence in one of the trees instead?? Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!
  7. I saw this bird at the pond in Old 4th Ward Park in Atlanta, GA. Is this a type of Flycatcher??
  8. So, I've become somewhat obsessed with the resident Great Blue Heron at the pond in Old 4th Ward Park in Atlanta, GA. He (or she...but I think of it as a he) is there all year, except for a few weeks in late winter. I've been taking pictures of the bird going on 3 years now but I recently compared a picture I took 2 weeks ago with one I took this past October....and, I'm not sure it's the same bird. If it is the same bird, why is the color on the beak different?? Top picture is from 2 weeks ago. Bottom picture is from October 2020 (not sure why that one uploaded sideways??)
  9. Help. I've looked through several bird books I have but I cannot identify this bird. I'm thrown off by the black band that starts on the top of its head down to the bottom of the back of its neck. I couldn't get a clear shot of the front but there is black on the throat as well. Picture taken yesterday 3/24/21 in Atlanta, GA.
  10. You can't really tell from the picture but the bird in my picture has horizontal black and white bars on its tail.
  11. I believe this is a Cooper's Hawk. There was (maybe still is) a pair that I would see together earlier in the year but lately I've just seen the one bird. Any way to discern male or female from this pic? Seen at Brookhaven Park in Atlanta, GA. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fjn539ljs982gmr/20201231_094151.jpg?dl=0
  12. I'm at the pond at the Old Fourth Ward park in Atlanta, GA. There is a Great Blue Heron that is a resident of the park and lots of mallards, turtles & frogs and song birds. The pictures I have attached aren't great. This bird has a brown/rusty neck & breast with white streaks from the bottom of the bill to under the belly. The bill looks to be green and the head is a greenish blue that he/it occasionally forms into a crown.
  13. I saw this Hawk perched on a low tree branch. This was as close as I could get and I was not able to see the tail. I think it's a red-tailed hawk but I'm not 100% certain. Picture taken in Atlanta, GA at the Beltline at Tanyard Creek on 1/23.
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