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  1. Idaho Falls, Idaho. Oct 2009. Mew Gull ? I didnt think it is Ring-billed Gull because of the pinkish bill, but I cant be positive. Thank you very much.
  2. woudnt the cinnamon wash in the 2nd bird photo makes it pink-sided junco or could these two photos be different birds?
  3. thank you...couldnt id it at that steep angle. so it could possibly be this dark-eyed junco which was shot a couple of minutes later...
  4. all shot in utah, sep 2019 - appreciate confirmation & id help. 1. yellow rumped warbler 2. yellow warbler 3. orange -crowned warbler 4. dont know...
  5. thank you very much!!! much appreciated.
  6. thank you...could you help me to identify the key features here to cinnamon teal?
  7. oh yeah, more similar to the blue-winged teal...tqvm
  8. 3rd question - this looked similar to an identified green-winged teal, but somehow this one seemed to me has a long body...appreciate id too...Utah Sep 2019
  9. 2nd question - the fore duck was earlier identified as northern pintail. can i confirm the background duck as American wigeon?
  10. this was shot in Kansas on Aug 2019 is it an American Black Duck or a Mallard?
  11. the system doesnt allowed me to like all your comments...so i say here thank you very much! didnt realise i got more species that the usual teals and mallards.
  12. appreciate some help to identify these ducks. These were taken in month of Aug/Sep 2019, in Wyoming/Utah. 1. 2. yellow bill - is this a mallard? 3. white eye ring - is this a blue-winged teal? 4. is this a cinnamon teal? 5. 6. 7.
  13. thank you very much...that is what merlin app said about photo 2 ..savannah sparrow, but i didnt believe it ..?. maybe because of the angle or whatever, merlin couldnt id 3rd and 4th photos.
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