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  1. not recently, I was thinking Northern Hawk Owl as a possibility too. Not known to be breeding in this area - to my knowledge.
  2. this Great Horned Owl was being chased by another presumably nocturnal bird. I'm thinking Eastern Whip-poor-will but could be a hawk or another owl. Taken today in Frontenac County, Ontario. https://streamable.com/jog8tb thanks for the help.
  3. Hi all, taken today in Frontenac County, ON. Please help ID. Thanks in advance...
  4. Hello.. I saw this yesterday in Kingston, Ontario. Merlin is telling me Yellow-breasted Chat however they are rare here: https://ebird.org/subnational2/CA-ON-FR?yr=all any ideas?? Thanks !!
  5. thank you @Bird-Boys, it's hard to say indeed. Here are a couple of more. I'm leaning HS...
  6. Hi All these pictures were taken in a field just outside of Kingston, Ontario today. Are they Savannah or Henslow? Thank you in advance...
  7. Thank you, dowitchers are common there, but the one in flight doesn't seem to have the stripe / strike.
  8. Hi All, please confirm this Red Knot flying with Black-bellied Plovers at Boundary Bay, BC yesterday. I later on spotted another bird feeding in the mud, but I don't think it's the same. Thank you
  9. oops .. Merlin ID ..! thanks 🙂
  10. Hi, These were seen today at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, BC, today. I'm thinking Little Stints. Thanks in advance ...
  11. Hi, This was taken today in Vernon, BC. Merlin keeps on telling me Vesper but I think Savannah. Thanks in advance.
  12. thanks, however we usually get a couple of Winter Wrens around. And how about the seemingly darker body?
  13. Seen today in Kelowna, BC along a creek. Thanks !
  14. American Tree Sparrow is more likely because I saw some the day after same area. Thanks both...
  15. Hi All, This was taken on Dec 9 in the south side of Swan Lake area, Okanagan, BC & in a marshy area. Any ideas? Thank you.
  16. PF is definitely one candidate .. thank you; however aren't the orange undertail are the legs? I have added more pics.. if they help.
  17. Hi All, This was taken last week in Akumal, QR. Please help ID. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, I'm not sure if Mexico is considered part of North America here, I saw this Merganser today in Akumal. Is it out of place?
  19. yes .. taken in a 6-seconds time-span. BTW, flight pattern & size (~small) also didn't indicate Woodpecker to me.
  20. Thanks what do you think about lack of white underwings in Downy Woodpecker? looks darker and spotted than HL. What do you think?
  21. Hi All, I have been looking for SB's for a long time. I am hoping this bird is my lifer. Taken on hillsides of Kelowna, BC today. I don't know other birds with such dominant white body color. Sorry for the quality of the pics. Thanks in advance.
  22. Seen Sep. 12 in Kelowna, BC. Thanks in advance!
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