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  1. I asked them and here is the first response I received: Brian Rusnica The tawny color on the tops of the primaries there is the "pale crescent" field mark of a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk.
  2. Seen early October in southeast Virginia.
  3. Are these also Semipalmated Sandpipers.
  4. Seen mid September in southeastern Virginia.
  5. Seen mid august in southeastern Virginia?
  6. Seen mid September in Los Angeles, CA.
  7. Sorry, I posted the wrong picture. This is the one I was trying to post.
  8. Seen mid August in southeastern Virginia.
  9. Seen late September in Marble Canyon, AZ.
  10. Seen late September in Marble Canyon, AZ.
  11. Could it be a Greater white-fronted goose?
  12. Seen late September in Las Vegas, NV.
  13. Seen late May in Shenandoah National Park.
  14. Seen early August in Virginia Beach, VA.
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