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  1. I saw this bird yesterday in southeast Virginia.
  2. I saw this bird today in Suffolk, Virginia. It was flying over and diving into a small/medium man made lake in the middle of a new housing development.
  3. Yesterday in southeast Virginia. It is not that it looks strange but it was acting strange.
  4. I saw this bird in late May of 2020 in Southeast Virginia. I am having trouble with an ID.
  5. I saw this bird in late May of 2020 in Southeast Virginia. I and having trouble with an ID.
  6. I saw this duck in Newport News Park in Newport News, Virginia. It looks different than the other male mallards I have to seen. Someone told me they thought it could be a hybrid duck. I am new to birding so this is way above my knowledge level. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it looks different?
  7. I saw these birds while walking through a salt water marsh in Hampton, Virginia. It was around noon on May 25, 2020. As you can see there are 5 birds, but one is hidden. Two have yellow bills and black feet and the others appear to have black bills (at least the two you can see) and yellow feet. So it thought they could have been Great Egrets flying with Snowy Egrets but they all look to be the same size. I am very new to birding (about 3 weeks in) so I'm sorry if this a dumb question, but I would love to know what I saw. Thank you.
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