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  1. Oh my gosh, this is it! Who knew? So different from the adult. Thank you so much. Thinking thrush, I am very ignorant, such a common bird too!
  2. I am in Quebec. It could not be a grosbeak as it has a straight beak. Not sure about the robin juvenile, but honestly do not think so, i have seen them before. What about the prominent white eyebrow?
  3. Usually it is just orioles at this feeder but yesterday there was a bird about the same size, mostly greyish, but with a buff coloured tummy with darker spots, rather thrushlike pattern. However his most prominent feature was a white eyebrow that extended the full length of his head. What bird?
  4. Most interesting bird, never seen before but think it is a type of thrush as very distinctive mottling on the breast and a prominant white eyebrow. White dots on the wing bars. Looked it up in the bird book and the nearest thing would be the Dusky Thrush but not found in our part of Canada.
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