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  1. Oh, OK thanks so much! Most of the views I've had of these hawks has been the top side as they buzzed eagle nests!
  2. Visitor at eagle nest at the National Arboretum in DC this morning. Time stamp 8:15 AM onward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLcYx2TGjJw
  3. Ha! I forgot to check range on teal! My old birdbook doesn't have northern pintail, just common pintail. I take it they are the same. Thanks so much to all!
  4. Oh wow! Turns out I've seen that bird in summer duds (black front) when a flock passed through IL at the end of April. Thanks so much.
  5. Thanks for the tip! There is such a variety of birds on the Flyway that I spend much of my time guessing.
  6. Well, it's enough to know they're plovers. Yes Charlie the one I focused on was the one you described. I was confudled because I think of plovers as prairie birds I guess. Colton, the one on the left also had the dark cheek and white behind the bill. Little blighter turned his head. Same bird as on the left, better shot.
  7. 9/28/21 Mississippi River Flyway YT cam, Onalaska, WI (near LaCrosse), late afternoon. Just noticed the guy in the far right of the dowitcher picture so I went back and got a good shot of the speckled one. That white band behind the bill.....
  8. These guys are so fast they're like little sewing machines. 9/28/21 Mississippi River Flyway YT cam, Lake Onalaska, WI (near LaCrosse). Are they between seasonal plumage?
  9. Who is this sleepy duck? Mississippi River Flyway YT cam. 9/28/21 late afternoon, Lake Onalaska, WI (near LaCrosse). Did not see the blue patch that was mentioned in ID, but can't find any other duck that comes close.
  10. OK! I found the whole tern thing confusing as I'm not familiar with them. Thank you so much!
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