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  1. Ah! I went to photos of them on Google and it did look the same. Mine seemed bigger than the ones on Google but it's hard to tell. Thank you!
  2. A bit of sun and the one bird came back. I used Photoshop as best I could but it was a hurried blurry photo. I see now the coloring is lighter than I thought from seeing it in the shadow. I'll try for a better photo.
  3. I looked at photos of the common grackle but couldn't find one that showed the tail well enough. The 2 I have have the wide tail with the indentation in the center at the end. Do the common grackles have that too?
  4. I'm just emailing my neighbor in the next apartment who has bird feeders - we share the same birds and I wanted to let her in on the new "diners". I copied your post as I thought it was so interesting. The 2 that have come look about the same size. At first I thought they were some of the starlings I have but realized their sleeker frame and consistent coloring were different.
  5. That’s very interesting. I know very little about birds but I don’t think I’ve ever heard about anything like that. Thank you for the information!
  6. I live in Raleigh, NC, and have a very busy three-feeders balcony. Yesterday I got a new pair of birds and they were back today and I am unsure of what they are. I am using a photo from online - my balcony is too dark to get a decent photo. The difference from this grackle is the coloring - a lovely grey/brown all over, definitely not black or iridescent. But the tail is just like this photo and the beak is also dark. A very sleek, elegant bird, fairly large, more slender than the robins but the long legs and long tail make the birds look big. Both were identical. They look like photos of female boat-tailed grackles as to color but they are obviously a pair. Any thoughts appreciated. I am new to bird-watching but love it, especially now when we are quarantined.
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