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  1. Saw this flock at Ellis Lake Wetlands in Butler County, Ohio yesterday. Some folks think a mix of Least Sandpipers and Semipalmated Plovers so wanted additional opinions.
  2. Thanks! He was quite cooperative! Thanks!
  3. Wanted to double check this. Merlin came up with Solitary Sandpiper. Seen on muddy pond bed in Mason, OH today.
  4. Looking for an ID for a friend in California. She thought Western Grebe but I was leaning more towards Eared or Horned. Thoughts?
  5. I agree, and another shot I got of an adult Black Backed and comparing the two, this one is a bit smaller as well, so I'll go with Herring. Thanks!
  6. Wondering if this is an immature Great Black-backed Gull Sarasota, FL
  7. Juvenile females evidently don’t have the large white patch
  8. I agree. Strange that it is missing the red face entirely. (best I can tell at least from this angle!)
  9. My initial thought was Muscovy and this would be the first one I have encountered in this area. Definitely different looking than the ones I have seen in Florida. Any chance this is actually a wild one?
  10. Flushed this bird out from a wetland area at Ellis Lake Wetlands in Butler County, OH. No clue on this one. Definitely "duck like", a good sized bird too.
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