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  1. Thanks, Alex! Once I found the bird on IbirdPro, it fit the habitat (edge of an airport) and the description perfectly..(sounds like an insect). I am very happy.
  2. It is a Lifer for me! I’m excited to witness/experience a new bird close to my own residence.
  3. I continued to listen/read/research the sound I heard, and now I’m convinced it was a clay-colored sparrow. They fit the range, behavior, habitat, color..and sound. Although the one I listened to repeated the buzz sound in double repetitions, the info says they may give 2-4 buzz sounds in a phrase.
  4. I was in brushy habitat on the edge of an airport in the country. Northernmost county of WISCONSIN, lots of woods and lakes here. A strange buzzzz buzz sound, from up in a pole-sized oak tree. I actually thought it could be some kind of insect. But, I heard it again and again. I waited patiently, shielding my eyes...it was hidden. Finally the bird flew out, to a nearby pole-sized white birch. About 24 feet above the ground. It had a Buffy colored breast. I didn’t have my binocs, but around the eye area it looked dark...maybe a brownish back. The first buzz is longer than the second buzz. It was about the size of a sparrow...I’ve birded a lot, but this sound is new to me.
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