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  1. Actually I think this is two different birds. But they were flying around together...
  2. Why is it so white? Doesn't just look like a juvenile to me.
  3. This bird sounded like a summer or hepatic tanager, but there were TWO of them that looked llke this! Alameda Open Space/Rio Grande State Park, today 6/18 @ 1:00.
  4. Hoping someone can help me with this one. It looks like a flycatcher to me but not quite. Thanks, and can you explain the features that tell you what it is? I have different views in the photos.
  5. Sorry, this was May 6 at Chatham Harbor, Cape Cod.
  6. I am wondering if someone could help me identify this bird seen yesterday in the East Mountains of Albuquerque at about 6700 feet.
  7. That's okay, I just found a photo of a juvenile that had a large white eyebrow on it! Confusing!!
  8. Could you explain the white eyebrow? I don't understand.
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