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  1. That's okay, I just found a photo of a juvenile that had a large white eyebrow on it! Confusing!!
  2. Could you explain the white eyebrow? I don't understand.
  3. I don't see any photos in my books with red-tailed hawks having white on the head.....
  4. Saw this yesterday at Las Vegas NWR in New Mexico. The white eyebrow reminds me of an immature Goshawk, but the tail doesn't appear that long. :(
  5. Could it be a kestrel? Haven't seen one like this before....
  6. Sorry, only the second photo. The first one was sent in error and is another hawk.
  7. Saw this at Bosque del Apache WLR, Socorro, NM today. Prairie Falcon? Thanks!
  8. I understand. It looks brown on the back but black underneath to me, too! 😫
  9. Saw this yesterday in southern New Mexico (Las Cruces). The photos are blurry but I am wondering if anyone can help me ID it. Thank you!
  10. Can't tell which sparrow this might be. Seen in August or early September at about 7000 feet in the mountains outside of Albuquerque...
  11. Saw this within the hour in my backyard, 6800 feet, pinon/juniper habitat. Juvenile lesser goldfinch? Thanks!!
  12. Okay....so the bill can be yellow, I guess. Otherwise, I thought it did look like a siskin. Thank you!
  13. Could this be a leucistic hummingbird?? Saw it in Los Alamos, NM (about 7300 feet) on August 24.
  14. To me this might be a pine siskin if it wasn't for the yellow bill......please help!! Saw it in Los Alamos, NM (about 7300 feet) on August 24.
  15. This is a distance away but the legs are yellow and they are a little spotty on the belly. I'm thinking possibly surfbird? Today at Pacific Grove, California - rocky coast
  16. Seen yesterday at Moss Landing, Central California. The stout bill makes me think black-bellied plover.
  17. Are these black (or ruddy) turnstones? Found on rocky shore in Pacific Grove, California - today. Thank you.
  18. This is a distance away and blurry, but these birds have yellow legs and little spotted bellies so I am thinking possibly surfbird? Any ideas? This was taken today at Pacific Grove beach, California. Thanks!
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