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  1. hi. this seem to be a frequently asked question, but... do you think these are both sharp-shinned hawks? in new york. first 2 images are one individual, the rest are second. A B
  2. hi. what about this sparrow in nyc? thanks.
  3. hi. does anyone know what this sparrow looking bird in nyc is? thanks.
  4. does anyone know what this small, sparrow size, grey bird in new york is ? thanks.
  5. hi. could somebody help me with which woodpecker is this in new york. thanks.
  6. hi. does anyone know what this bird is? thanks.
  7. hi. could someone help me identify this brown and white bird in NY. it looked roughly the size of a cardinal. thanks
  8. thank you. I though it was a brewer's blackbird because of all the colors and iridescence on their back, but it's in new york city.
  9. hi. I could use some help narrowing down what this back bird is. it's in the northeastern united states. thanks.
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