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  1. I'm coming up with black-throated green warbler, am I correct? Taken in south New Jersey near Philadelphia.
  2. Thanks, akandula. No, I haven't seen many lately, today was my first time out in a while, and only for a couple of hours.
  3. Sorry, I should add this was taken at the NJ shore today.
  4. Is this a common tern or Forster tern? I've never been able to get them straight. I'm thinking it's a common because of the dark wingtips, is that correct? What else can help with the ID. Thanks.
  5. Taken today in South Jersey, wooded area. TIA.
  6. Taken today, south New Jersey. Yellow-rumped?
  7. Can't help with an ID, but years ago a large white pigeon with pink eyes took up residence in our back yard for a couple of weeks. It was maybe twice the size of the pigeons I'm used to seeing (my wife thought it was a chicken at first) , and did have a band. Then one day it was gone.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. Photo was was yesterday, 7/12/18, in Southern New Jersey.
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