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  1. Ah, I should have gotten that myself - thank you!
  2. Not a great picture, taken today southern New Jersey.
  3. 1 - Taken in southern NJ - Indigo bunting? 2 - Taken at Jersey shore - Forster or common tern? I'm thinking Forster, but not really sure. What should I look for to tell the difference?
  4. Is that what this is, or maybe a glossy with white facial markings I'm not familiar with? Taken this morning, Ocean City, NJ. I think this would be way out of range for this bird, but they have been reported here recently. There are many glossy and white ibises at this location.
  5. Seen this morning in south New Jersey.
  6. Taken today in south NJ. Black throated green for first two? Thanks.
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