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  1. I always think that the treeline by my house is closer than it actually is. One time I saw what I thought was a red-tailed hawk perched on one of the branches with its feathers puffed up from the cold, but when I went and got my binoculars it was just a fat mourning dove. But I will say, I got a second opinion before I got my binoculars, and the consensus was that the thing definitely looked hawk sized!
  2. Awesome, thank you! I have never heard of birdforum.net so that’s a huge help!
  3. No domesticated ducks that I saw. I was thinking immature GWTE as an early winter migrant, mostly because of the coloration and size, but I wasn’t able to get a better picture.
  4. Yeah, I posted in the birds outside North America forum as well, but since gwte is a North American bird too, I was hoping I could get a confirmation from this forum since there’s a little more traffic. If it’s not a gwte though, I guessed wrong, and the North American birds forum isn’t going to be much help lol. Thanks anyway!
  5. I posted this in the Birds Outside North America forum, but I thought I might post it here too just in case, since I believe this might be a green-winged teal. Let me know if that’s a problem! I saw this bird the other day in a group of eastern spot-billed ducks. It was much smaller, and the coloration and the head shape in addition to the size make me think green-winged teal. Spotted in central Japan.
  6. Hi, long time listener first time poster for the non-NA bird forum! I saw this duck in central Japan yesterday with a group of eastern spot-billed ducks. This one was the only non-spot-billed in the flock, and it was much smaller and slimmer. My guess is a green-winged teal based on the coloration and how the bill looks in the low-quality photos I managed to get. What do you guys think?
  7. Thanks! I've never seen them this far into town before, so that's pretty cool!
  8. Hi all, it's been a while! I heard this bird calling today in a suburban area in southern KY. There were about three of them in the treetops. I couldn't get a great look at them, but they looked to be grayish with lighter bellies, smaller than a mockingbird but larger than a titmouse. They were flying from tree to tree and chattering at each other. They could have been a color besides gray, but it was cloudy today so I'm really not sure. Thanks! bird calls.mov
  9. Thanks! I was thinking red-tailed, but I wanted to double check since I couldn't actually see a red tail!
  10. Hi guys, I saw plenty of birds along the highway while driving through Kansas a few weeks ago. I managed to snap a couple pictures (I wasn't driving!) - one hawk, and one power line bird; maybe a meadowlark?
  11. That's what I thought too. Thanks!
  12. Also from the Florida Panhandle a few weeks ago. I think I can see a little bit of yellow on the tip of the beak, but I'm not sure. Sandwich Tern?
  13. I thought it was a goldfish cracker at first, but looking back through my pictures it was definitely a Cheez-it; note the diagnostic ridges on the edge and richer coloration.
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