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  1. That's what I thought too. Thanks!
  2. It wouldn't be Least, would it?
  3. Also from the Florida Panhandle a few weeks ago. I think I can see a little bit of yellow on the tip of the beak, but I'm not sure. Sandwich Tern?
  4. I thought it was a goldfish cracker at first, but looking back through my pictures it was definitely a Cheez-it; note the diagnostic ridges on the edge and richer coloration.
  5. Seen in the Florida panhandle a few weeks ago. A fearsome hunter of Cheez-its.
  6. So I was in Florida a few weeks ago, in the panhandle. I saw a lot of gulls. With the location, the time of year, and the fact that gulls can have so many different forms of plumage, can I assume that most of the gulls I saw, if not all of them, are laughing gulls?
  7. Thanks, I didn't know that! I've only ever seen them around streetlamps 😄 and @Seanbirds I gotta keep you guys on your toes!
  8. Laughing at me? 🤔 Lol thanks!
  9. Thanks! What was it doing at three in the afternoon hanging out in the road?
  10. Willet maybe? It was big, almost the size of the seagulls it was standing next to. Also, what gulls are these? This was in Florida a few days ago.
  11. I was just in Florida a few days ago and I saw these grayish birds with white wing bars flying around. I wanted to say they were nighthawks, but they looked too big, and I saw them in the middle of the day. One of them was foraging on a road by the beach.
  12. Seen this morning in Florida.
  13. White-rumped! Awesome, thanks!
  14. I saw this sandpiper in central KY last summer. I think I posted it then, but the other sandpipers took the attention and I don't think this guy was ever decided on, so I'll repost him separately. Baird's maybe? Or Spotted? I think Baird's had been mentioned, but that would be a rarity here. I included the original and a brightened version.
  15. So these are all juveniles then? Wow, thanks for the help!
  16. All of them?! Wow, there was a lot of variation between these guys and the others I saw with super red tails. What are the diagnostic field markings?
  17. Seen in central KY a few days ago. I saw red-tailed hawks, but these guys don't have red tails. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  18. Thanks, that's what I figured, but I was holding out hope for a grosbeak!
  19. I was going through old pictures and these two threw me for a loop. I initially identified them as INBUs, but could either or both be grosbeaks? This is from central KY last summer.
  20. Thanks! Seems like Semipalmated and Pectoral should always be my go-to guesses for northern Alaskan sandpipers.
  21. Every time I see a sandpiper I guess Semipalmated. Northern AK a few weeks ago. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  22. Last ID - saw all these gulls in Anchorage a few days ago. Not sure what they are; I'm bad at gull IDs. There were a lot of gulls flying around downtown and calling.
  23. Completely forgot about thrushes! Awesome, thanks!
  24. Not sure about this one. This bird was flying around from branch to branch - I'm surprised I managed to get a decent picture at all. With the eye ring and the posture I was thinking ruby-crowned kinglet, but it looked a little big, and the wings are solid brown. Also from Anchorage AK.
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