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  1. I always think that the treeline by my house is closer than it actually is. One time I saw what I thought was a red-tailed hawk perched on one of the branches with its feathers puffed up from the cold, but when I went and got my binoculars it was just a fat mourning dove. But I will say, I got a second opinion before I got my binoculars, and the consensus was that the thing definitely looked hawk sized!
  2. Awesome, thank you! I have never heard of birdforum.net so that’s a huge help!
  3. No domesticated ducks that I saw. I was thinking immature GWTE as an early winter migrant, mostly because of the coloration and size, but I wasn’t able to get a better picture.
  4. Yeah, I posted in the birds outside North America forum as well, but since gwte is a North American bird too, I was hoping I could get a confirmation from this forum since there’s a little more traffic. If it’s not a gwte though, I guessed wrong, and the North American birds forum isn’t going to be much help lol. Thanks anyway!
  5. I posted this in the Birds Outside North America forum, but I thought I might post it here too just in case, since I believe this might be a green-winged teal. Let me know if that’s a problem! I saw this bird the other day in a group of eastern spot-billed ducks. It was much smaller, and the coloration and the head shape in addition to the size make me think green-winged teal. Spotted in central Japan.
  6. Hi, long time listener first time poster for the non-NA bird forum! I saw this duck in central Japan yesterday with a group of eastern spot-billed ducks. This one was the only non-spot-billed in the flock, and it was much smaller and slimmer. My guess is a green-winged teal based on the coloration and how the bill looks in the low-quality photos I managed to get. What do you guys think?
  7. Thanks! I've never seen them this far into town before, so that's pretty cool!
  8. Hi all, it's been a while! I heard this bird calling today in a suburban area in southern KY. There were about three of them in the treetops. I couldn't get a great look at them, but they looked to be grayish with lighter bellies, smaller than a mockingbird but larger than a titmouse. They were flying from tree to tree and chattering at each other. They could have been a color besides gray, but it was cloudy today so I'm really not sure. Thanks! bird calls.mov
  9. Thanks! I was thinking red-tailed, but I wanted to double check since I couldn't actually see a red tail!
  10. Hi guys, I saw plenty of birds along the highway while driving through Kansas a few weeks ago. I managed to snap a couple pictures (I wasn't driving!) - one hawk, and one power line bird; maybe a meadowlark?
  11. That's what I thought too. Thanks!
  12. Also from the Florida Panhandle a few weeks ago. I think I can see a little bit of yellow on the tip of the beak, but I'm not sure. Sandwich Tern?
  13. I thought it was a goldfish cracker at first, but looking back through my pictures it was definitely a Cheez-it; note the diagnostic ridges on the edge and richer coloration.
  14. Seen in the Florida panhandle a few weeks ago. A fearsome hunter of Cheez-its.
  15. So I was in Florida a few weeks ago, in the panhandle. I saw a lot of gulls. With the location, the time of year, and the fact that gulls can have so many different forms of plumage, can I assume that most of the gulls I saw, if not all of them, are laughing gulls?
  16. Thanks, I didn't know that! I've only ever seen them around streetlamps ? and @Seanbirds I gotta keep you guys on your toes!
  17. Thanks! What was it doing at three in the afternoon hanging out in the road?
  18. Willet maybe? It was big, almost the size of the seagulls it was standing next to. Also, what gulls are these? This was in Florida a few days ago.
  19. I was just in Florida a few days ago and I saw these grayish birds with white wing bars flying around. I wanted to say they were nighthawks, but they looked too big, and I saw them in the middle of the day. One of them was foraging on a road by the beach.
  20. White-rumped! Awesome, thanks!
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