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  1. I saw this sandpiper in central KY last summer. I think I posted it then, but the other sandpipers took the attention and I don't think this guy was ever decided on, so I'll repost him separately. Baird's maybe? Or Spotted? I think Baird's had been mentioned, but that would be a rarity here. I included the original and a brightened version.





  2. Could this be a Eurasian Wigeon? Some sort of hybrid maybe? Also seen in Anchorage a few days ago - I thought it was a Gadwall at first, but that doesn't look like a Gadwall's bill.


    Edit: Eurasian or American Wigeon

  3. My first thought was jaeger, but it had a hawk-ish face when I saw it through my binoculars. It could be a merlin! I guess it could also still be a gyrfalcon or a peregrine falcon - since it was so high up, I didn't have a great reference for its actual size. Maybe I'll see it again when I have my camera with me!

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