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  1. Thanks! Now if only I was in Egypt, I could count it towards my life list! ๐Ÿ˜
  2. So that would be the Myrtle subspecies of Yellow-Rumped Warbler?
  3. Is this an Egyptian goose? Assumedly domestic? At a park in KY.
  4. All from southern KY this morning. Pretty sure 1 is a double-crested cormorant. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  5. So are they both pie-billed grebes, or just the second one?
  6. What type(s) of waterfowl? I thought these pictures were all of the same bird, but looking back over them, I think they're two different species. Second one may be a grebe? I'm not sure. This was in southern KY today. Bird 1. Bird 2
  7. Ah, I need to work on my warbler IDs. Thanks! That's a new one for my life list!
  8. Seen in southern KY the other day, probably about two weeks ago.
  9. Seen a week or two ago in southern Kentucky. I think they were all cedar waxwings but I would like to double check!
  10. Well thanks for letting me know it wasn't posted! I'm thinking juvenile goldfinch from the size/coloration/wings, but I don't know juvenile birds well enough to tell for sure.
  11. Sure thing, sorry about that. Howยดs this?
  12. Juvenile goldfinch? Seen yesterday evening in southern KY parking garage. I did not see any parents but I assume they were nearby.
  13. Thank you! They were both odd angles, so I wanted to double check ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. I think that these pics are an eastern kingbird and a purple martin respectively, but I would like someone to confirm. Central KY. Thanks!
  15. Could it have been a Blackburnian warbler? Possibly a female or juvenile - I thought I saw a dark gray mask and some light orange feathers on its chest.
  16. Is this a cedar waxwing? I didn't think it looked like one originally, but I didn't get a great look. ID might not be possible from this pic but any help is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ Central KY on Thursday. I think it had a longer beak and some black around the head and face - my first thought was a nuthatch or a Blackburnian warbler, but this pic doesn't look great for either. Help!
  17. Ah, I thought it didn't look blue enough. Thanks!
  18. Seen in central KY last week. I'm not sure about PROW - it seems a little dull - but that's my guess.
  19. So if I have everything straight, then 1/2 is spotted, 3 is a least, 4 is pectoral, and 6 is spotted. Is 5 a Baird's? That's the one I'm still unclear on. I keep going back and forth between photos of Baird's and Least trying to figure it out, but they both look good! I don't have an eye for sandpipers yet.
  20. How cute! That makes sense, there was an adult in the next tree over keeping an eye on it. Thanks!
  21. Seen in central KY today. Hopping around in the bushes, chipping, and watching me. I thought it was just a chipping sparrow or song sparrow, but the odd posture and the wing bars threw me off. Is it just a sparrow that's hunched over?
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