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  1. Awesome! That's a lifer for me! Thank you!
  2. Saw this fella today at a KY fish hatchery. Is it a juvenile bald eagle? There have been adults and juveniles seen in the area over the past couple weeks.
  3. It was bobbing its head, but I didn't notice anything about the tail. Is that a good way of identifying them?
  4. Thank you!! I was surprised it let me get that close, but it was definitely keeping an eye on me!
  5. Here's a different view for 4. This one flew away pretty quickly, so these two pics were the best ones I could get.
  6. All pics taken today in KY at a fish hatchery. Are these all the same species? I don't know much of anything about sandpipers, so I'm not even going to try to guess what they might be. Pics 1 and 2 are the same bird, but the rest were all different individuals. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  7. Thanks! I thought so, but the picture was so bad that I needed a confirmation 😅 much appreciated!
  8. Seen today at a fish hatchery in Kentucky. My guess is a belted kingfisher, but obviously the pictures aren't great.
  9. It was in a suburb across the road from extensive farmland. I've seen meadowlarks, hawks, and cowbirds in the area as well.
  10. Any hope for this ID? I took this pic from my car in the rain today in central KY, so it's definitely not going to end up in National Geographic. I think I see a white chest and darker head/shoulders? It's probably something pretty common, but I'm curious and I'd appreciate an ID if it's possible!
  11. What kind of hawk is this? Seen in central KY today.
  12. Whoa, great minds think alike (but fools rarely differ)! We're great minds, right? 😅
  13. Awesome, thank you! Eastern Wood-Pewee, blurry subspecies 😁
  14. Thanks! I was wondering what was happening there 🤔
  15. Is this a red-tailed hawk? Central KY last week. Also, any idea what's going on with the missing foot? Is it tucked up under the belly feathers and making them stick out?
  16. Any way to tell what type of flycatcher this is? Pics from central KY a few days ago. May be a long shot - my camera didn't want to focus through the trees and it wouldn't stay still.
  17. Thanks! I wasn't expecting nonbreeding plumage already so I wouldn't have guessed that!
  18. Central KY today. We're a little far south for ABDUs this time of year, so I think they're mallards, but I would like a second opinion!
  19. Awesome, thank you! This egret was definitely sticking out among all the blue/gray Great Blue Herons.
  20. Are these two pics of a red-tailed hawk? Additionally, in the second one is the hawk being chased by an eastern kingbird? Taken in central KY today. The wing shape in the first one is throwing me off a bit.
  21. I think this is a great egret, but I would like a second opinion because I didn't get a great shot of it and I can't tell for sure that it's not the white variation of a great blue heron. Taken in central KY this morning.
  22. Thank you! That's what I thought, but I'm always hoping for something exciting 😁
  23. I'm going through all my pictures from yesterday and realizing I need ID help on more than I expected! These birds were foraging at a fish hatchery in central KY yesterday morning. They were too far away for me to ID, so I took these pics, but they're not super clear. Are they just European starlings or red-winged blackbirds whose identifying coloration isn't showing up well in the photos? There were a lot of RWBLs around. Possibly juveniles, maybe? Thank you!
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