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  1. This guy just showed up in my backyard today. Central KY. I wish I got a better picture! This is the only shot I got before it flew away (and I included a zoomed in and cropped version), but I saw it through binoculars too. It looked like it had a flat head like a falcon, but it was hard to tell. It also had very flappy wingbeats, almost like flailing when it came to perch in the tree. With the distinctive flight pattern, the color, and size, I think I have same this same bird around the neighborhood before, but I don't know what it is. Any ideas? If it comes back I will try to get a better photo and hopefully update this thread.



  2. Saw what I think were some bald eagles and red tailed hawks today in Kentucky. In the first pic, I think these are both bald eagles, but is there any way to tell? In the second, I think that's a bald eagle and a red-tailed hawk fighting. I followed the eagle to try to get a better pic, and the red tailed hawk perched in a tree in the third picture, which was very far away.




  3. That's a relief! Do you think this RTHA might be the same bird that came swooping under the deck? We have a bird feeder hung on a window under our deck that siskins and finches will eat from, but we kind of thought it might be a Cooper's Hawk bothering those birds, especially if Red-Tailed Hawks don't go after birds very often. 

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