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  1. I agree. That short bill on the Downy in the first pic vs. the longer bill on the Hairy in the second pic, as well as the lack of spotting on the white HAWO tail feathers in the second pic. Great shots of both of them!
  2. Thanks everyone! I barely know anything about hawks, so I never would have guessed Sharp-shinned from this picture.
  3. Let's try this again! Southern KY hawk, hopefully with working pictures. Sorry about that!
  4. Oops, I tried to copy and paste from my gmail but I guess that doesn't work. Let me download them and I'll try again!
  5. Seen today in southern KY. Every field job I've ever had deals with songbirds, so I'm not even going to attempt to guess what kind of hawk this is!
  6. Ah, it was worth a shot. I'll get that purple finch someday. Thanks!
  7. Central KY today. There are lots of house finches around but I haven't seen any purple finches this winter.
  8. Saw this bird this morning in central KY. This bird was crawling up a tree like a nuthatch, with its body parallel to the tree. This was the only picture I got in the time it took me to grab my camera, and it looked like its back and wings were brown rather than the WBNU blueish-gray. Is it just a brownish nuthatch, or maybe a woodpecker? Or is it a brown creeper? ID may not be possible from this photo but any help is appreciated!
  9. Thanks guys! Once again the 70-300 lens makes a fun guessing game out of far away birds.
  10. Both seen in central KY a few days ago. I think they're a bluebird and a junco, but they're so blurry that I'd like someone else to confirm! 1. Bluebird 2. Junco
  11. Thanks guys! I didn't technically have a White-throated Sparrow on my life list before, so now I can add it!
  12. Hi guys, it's been a while! I need help IDing these birds I've seen around my birdfeeder in the past week here in Kentucky - mostly just confirmations. Thanks! 1. White-throated Sparrow? 2. Another WTSP, just with different plumage? 3. Both House Finches? 4. Possibly White-crowned Sparrow, but maybe just a House Sparrow? Not sure about this guy. 5. House Finch again?
  13. Thanks! Now if only I was in Egypt, I could count it towards my life list! ?
  14. So that would be the Myrtle subspecies of Yellow-Rumped Warbler?
  15. Is this an Egyptian goose? Assumedly domestic? At a park in KY.
  16. All from southern KY this morning. Pretty sure 1 is a double-crested cormorant. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  17. So are they both pie-billed grebes, or just the second one?
  18. What type(s) of waterfowl? I thought these pictures were all of the same bird, but looking back over them, I think they're two different species. Second one may be a grebe? I'm not sure. This was in southern KY today. Bird 1. Bird 2
  19. Ah, I need to work on my warbler IDs. Thanks! That's a new one for my life list!
  20. Seen in southern KY the other day, probably about two weeks ago.
  21. Seen a week or two ago in southern Kentucky. I think they were all cedar waxwings but I would like to double check!
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