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  1. Is this a cedar waxwing? I didn't think it looked like one originally, but I didn't get a great look. ID might not be possible from this pic but any help is appreciated ? Central KY on Thursday. I think it had a longer beak and some black around the head and face - my first thought was a nuthatch or a Blackburnian warbler, but this pic doesn't look great for either. Help!



    34 minutes ago, Tony Leukering said:

    The wings of bird #5 are way too long for Least Sand, whose wing tips usually do not reach the tail tip. Additionally, Least Sands typically sport two pale streaks on the back ("braces"), which this bird lacks. The large black centers to the scapulars and long wings help ID this as a Baird's.

    Bird #4 might be a Solitary -- it's got thin legs and what seems like a droop-tipped bill, but I'd like a different view to definitively ID it.

    Here's a different view for 4. This one flew away pretty quickly, so these two pics were the best ones I could get. 


  3. Any hope for this ID? I took this pic from my car in the rain today in central KY, so it's definitely not going to end up in National Geographic. I think I see a white chest and darker head/shoulders? It's probably something pretty common, but I'm curious and I'd appreciate an ID if it's possible!


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