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  1. I'm going through all my pictures from yesterday and realizing I need ID help on more than I expected! These birds were foraging at a fish hatchery in central KY yesterday morning. They were too far away for me to ID, so I took these pics, but they're not super clear. Are they just European starlings or red-winged blackbirds whose identifying coloration isn't showing up well in the photos? There were a lot of RWBLs around. Possibly juveniles, maybe? Thank you!



  2. Hi guys, I took these pics at a fishery in Kentucky earlier this morning. I think all the pics are ospreys, but I would appreciate a confirmation! I also thought in that pics 3 and 4, the wing tips might be too smooth and uniform to be an osprey, so I'm second-guessing myself.





  3. Any ideas what this could be? It was sitting on a power line with an insect in its mouth in these pictures. Maybe some kind of flycatcher? Sorry for the quality, I tried to turn the brightness up as much as I could to make it easier to see. Taken in central KY in late June a couple weeks ago.




  4. I was running errands earlier today and while I was driving, a large bird flew across the interstate towards a farm. I couldn't get a good look at it or a picture. It was great blue heron or sandhill crane sized - very large. It was pale on its underside, but what struck me most was that it had what looked like rufous red tail feathers that were fanned out as it flew away from me. I can't find any pictures of sandhill cranes or blue herons with this coloration. Any ideas? This was in central KY.

  5. I went birding today in central KY and need help IDing a few that I saw. For the first one, pics 1 and 2, I think it was a vireo, but it was far away and my camera wanted to focus on all the tree branches instead, so I didn't get many good pics. It may just be wishful thinking, but I think I see a hint of red eyes - possible red eyed vireo? The second bird in pic 3 (not a vireo) was sitting very still and waiting for me to leave. Thanks in advance!

    1 & 2:




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