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  1. I didn't manage to get a recording, so I can't remember exactly what it sounded like, but I am confident it wasn't a Bell's. It was hopping from branch to branch and singing, so it was hard to get a good picture, but I like warbling vireo based on the colors. Listening to the warbling vireo's song on ebird, I am not 100% that that is what I heard, but I am more inclined towards WAVI than BEVI. Thanks for the help! ? 

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  2. I do not know about Bell's vireo - I know it wasn't doing that scratchy scribble-sounding BEVI song. Also, where I was birding central KY is a little far east for Bell's. Definitely not ruling it out though, I would love to spot a Bell's vireo here! I don't suppose it could be a blue-headed vireo? It may be a trick of the light, but it looks like the chin is lighter than the cheeks and head. 

  3. Hi guys, I was birding yesterday in central KY and got some semi-blurry pictures that I need help identifying. I think the first is a flycatcher species based on the wing bars, but not sure which. I don't know about the second species. I thought it might be a titmouse, but I thought the call sounded odd. Sorry for the bad quality. 

    1. Flycatcher?


    2-4. Maybe a titmouse


  4. Hi guys, I have two IDs. Both were in central KY today. The first is some type of flycatcher, but I don't know which species. I believe the other two are Baltimore orioles, a male and a female, but I have never actually seen one in person before, so correct me if I am wrong!

    1 & 2 - flycatcher



    3. male BAOR


    4. female BAOR


  5. Sorry for the bad quality. This is the clearest picture I got. I know it's probably a long shot, but could anyone tell me what this is? I am pretty sure it was either a northern rough-winged swallow or a bank swallow with the body shape and the colors. It was skimming over a pond earlier this afternoon in central KY.


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