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  1. I am in Honduras. I meant the beautiful sound of Oropendolas, because I am sure that is what I heard. ? But when I read the reply of the Brown Jays I googled it and looked for videos of Brown Jays sounds and I know what you mean! I am still wondering why are heard Oropendolas though. Maybe they were on another tree!?
  2. What bird is this? There were a few high on a tree. I heard loud beautiful sounds from outside I thought they were Oropendolas. But I took a picture and they were not Oropendolas. Then I thought they were black and white mockingbirds but the picture shows a bird with white underneath its tail. Black and white Mockingbirds, their tails are all black.
  3. I took this picture in Honduras. Is it a hawk or a falcon? If you know the exact name, that would be great!
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