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  1. I thought that too, but the bill looks too long for Pewee to me.
  2. Taken from distance in very overcast conditions. I was unable to hear call as it was drowned out by closer and louder Blue Jays and Red-headed Woodpeckers. Taken today, August 20, 2022 in Smith County, Texas (northeast).
  3. Interesting! I’ve never seen that orangish color on one before. Thank you!
  4. Taken in Denver, CO this morning. Not from this region but Common Redpoll is the only thing I can come up with in my quick research. Shows it would be rare in the area for this time of year. Please excuse the poor photo.
  5. Is this a Connecticut Warbler? Observed today in Menominee County, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) this morning, July 6, 2022. Please excuse the poor photos.
  6. Seen this morning in Northeast Texas (Smith County). Thanks in advance.
  7. Observed in Lubbock, TX on February 18, 2022. I settled on juvenile Cooper’s but would like confirming opinions. Thanks!
  8. Observed today (February 13, 2022) in East Texas (Smith County). Palm Warbler is the only thing I can come up with, but it would be very much out of range if it is. I was observing a different bird when it darted into a tree beside me. I did not get to observe it for very long before it took off again. Help is appreciated!
  9. Still a novice at waterfowl! Taken this morning (December 8, 2021) in East Texas (Smith County). Conditions were stormy, overcast, and very dark. Range maps make Lesser more likely but would appreciate an expert opinion.
  10. I think relative size and chest marking are right for juvenile Red-Shouldered. Wanting someone to double-check my work. Observed today (December 7, 2021) in northeastern Texas (Smith County).
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