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  1. Wow—thanks guys! These are two new ones for my backyard list!
  2. First three (same bird) - the bill looks too big to be a warbler and plumage (especially tail feathers) does not look right for American Gold Finch. I haven't seen a lot of these in my backyard until lately and I'm still not great at ID'ing. Second two (same bird) - only thing I'm coming up with his Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, despite not being able to see the wing bars. Seen today in Tyler, Texas. Could not come up with much more after consulting my Sibley's. Thanks in advance!
  3. Pretty sure on this--would like confirmation, though. Seen today in East Texas (Tyler). Thanks!
  4. Still a bit of a novice at identifying warblers and trying to make sure I'm not mistaking for a goldfinch. The first two pictures, the third picture, and last picture were all taken at different times, so it is possible they could be different birds. Seen in Tyler, Texas this morning. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to share that story! They are new to me but I hope to see more of them. Thanks for the help with the ID everyone.
  6. An hour after I posted this, he had come back and was sitting on top of one of my bird feeders! Was not there long enough for me to snap a pic. Strange behavior from a hawk!
  7. Saw this guy fly up to a perch from the creek in my backyard. At first I thought It was a crow, but then thought this was a strange and meticulously executed maneuver for a crow. Upon observing via binoculars, I saw the images in producing here (taken from a smartphone through binocular lenses—sorry!). I tracked slowly across the street, so I have photos from two different locations. I’ve never seen any other raptor in the neighborhood besides Red-Shouldered and Red-Tailed hawks, so the dark back plumage of this one really threw me for a loop. Seen in Tyler, Texas this morning. Thanks in advance for any help! ~Drew
  8. Seen this morning in East Texas (Tyler, TX). Have been researching all day and coming up with nothing, which leads me to believe it may be juvenile which I am not strong at identifying. Thanks for the help.
  9. Seen this morning in Tyler, Texas (East Texas). Can I get confirmation? Thanks!
  10. Drewesque

    Bird ID Help — Stumped

    It was taken recently. I thought Warbler too because of wing bars, was just uncertain as to which kind.
  11. Seen in East Texas (posting for a friend). Have pored over field guide and none of the possibilities I’ve come up with make sense range-wise. He has said the greenish hue is not an effect of lighting.
  12. I've seen a Red-Tailed Hawk frequent our backyard area, which I am fairly confident ID'ing. However, the plumage on the underside of this one's tail was making me dubious. (Sorry for the poor quality of the second photo. She flew off and was a little bit beyond my camera lens's range when she landed.) It appeared if she was hanging out on the ground near the creek (pictured) opposed to searching from a perch, as the Red-Tailed is wont to do. Seen today (July 13, 2018) in Tyler, Texas. Thanks in advance!