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  1. Just when I thought I had this down! Appears to have the blocky head of the Cooper’s but chest markings and squarish tail seem more like Sharp-Shinned. Seen today (2/4/2020) in East Texas (Tyler). IMG_9132.MOV
  2. Observed only once before she took flight. Managed to get this picture. Seen yesterday morning in Houston, TX.
  3. Having a hard time pegging this one. I have a feeling it is going to end up being an Eastern Phoebe, but it doesn't look right to me. Taken yesterday in East Texas (Tyler).
  4. Heard this loud song whilst driving by. Had a yellow chest and appeared to have a brown streak near center of breast. Back feathers appeared brownish. I did not have my binoculars and could not stop for longer observation. Any help would be appreciated. Seen in East Texas (Van Zandt County) yesterday. Thanks! 76BDAC48-B330-493D-8813-F0A939A9F8CC.MOV
  5. Taken today in East Texas (Tyler): I think the bright orange is good for Baltimore, but there has been an influx of Orchard Oriole sightings in the area. My first time seeing either. Requesting confirmation. Thank you!
  6. Taken in East Texas (Tyler) yesterday. I apologize about the photo quality etc., etc.... (will spare you the story about why they are so bad). I have limited experience observing both species. Did not get a good look at this one, but then dismissed it as an Indigo Bunting when I saw several Indigo Buntings around the feeders this morning. However, looking back at this picture, it appears this one may have rufous wingbars and a larger beak than the Indigo's i observed this morning. Enough here to say for sure one way or the other? Thank you!
  7. Taken this morning in East Texas (Tyler). Almost certain on the ID, but this is a would-be lifer, and looking for confirmation. Thanks!
  8. Yes--I took several. This was only the second time I've seen them, the other time being in Austin, Texas last week. They are pretty sharp.
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