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  1. Oh wow. Very familiar with Eastern Phoebes, but guess I don’t have enough experience seeing them from behind. Was sure this was something else based on the first pic. Thank you.
  2. I have such little experience with Flycatchers, was hoping for help with an ID. Saw this little one perched on a limb when it dove down at some flying insects. I believe the bird in the second photo is same as the first. Seen 3/14/19 in Tyler, Texas.
  3. Taken during an early morning jog early September 2014 Tyler, Texas (East Texas) Sorry about the poor quality—all I had was a cell phone! Was startled as I saw a large shadow swoop across a street light and I turned back to see this. It’s the only owl I’ve ever encountered in the wild. Had I been a more avid birder as I am now, I would have made more notes about its appearance. As it is, I just snapped a photo and continued along on my jog.
  4. I took these pictures a couple of years ago in downtown Pittsburgh, PA in early October. This little guy was on the middle of the sidewalk--I think stunned. Not sure if he ran into some glass or what, but I gently supplanted him in a nearby tree planter. I like Tennessee Warbler for this because of the white underparts and the range works, I think. However, this one does not appear to have a discernible supercilium I can see.
  5. I took this in Galveston, Texas in July 2014 (8:12 PM) with an old iPhone at distance. Quality is terrible, but I was hoping to get confirmation if there is enough visual evidence that this is a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. Thanks!
  6. Thanks--yeah I guess that black band is a pretty good giveaway. I guess I dismissed it pretty quickly as the bill did not look as pie-like as a couple of others I have seen.
  7. Is there enough visual information here for someone to take a crack at? (Got the ID on the Coot--just need the other one). Taken today in East Texas (Tyler).
  8. I believe this is a Laughing Gull. The underside of the primaries look right for it. This was taken in Galveston, Texas in late May. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm bad at duck and most waterfowl ID's--trying to get out to lakes and rivers every weekend to improve. Can someone help me with this? I thought Common Loon, but the bill doesn't look right to me for that. But the markings aren't lining up with much else. Sorry for the poor picture quality. Taken in Jacksonville, Texas.
  10. Thought this one was going to be easier to identify than I thought. Usually when I do this, the answer is "female Red-Winged Blackbird", but I am pretty sure this one is not. My brain is drained from looking at bird guides. I won't hazard a guess, as I am usually way off the mark. Help please! Seen today in Northeast Texas (Whitehouse). Thanks!
  11. I happened upon this fella quite by happenstance. He zoomed into a tree near the lake and started chasing birds around inside the tree. I wasn't able to get the full bird in one photo, but was fortunate enough to get his bottom half (first picture) and head in two separate pictures. I was leaning towards Sharp-Shinned due to the roundness of the head (not great angles on the pics for judging this) and relative thinness of the legs. But was hoping for some second opinions. Seen in East Texas (Whitehouse) Thanks!
  12. I think this is a Hermit Thrush. I know the breast markings are obscured by a branch, but these were the best shots I could get before he was off again. Seen today in North East Texas.
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