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  1. Having a difficult time with this one. I feel like it is a Swainson’s Hawk, but color and facial markings don’t seem quite right for it unless it is a juvenile. Thanks in advance! Taken in Motley County, TX on September 6, 2020.
  2. Please help with ID. Taken in Glacier National Park, Montana last July. Asking for a friend.
  3. Saw this flock from quite a ways away. Pretty certain they are White Ibis but seeking confirmation. Observed today June 13, 2020 in East Texas (Smith County).
  4. Unless a juvenile’s behavior is vastly different than an adult, hopping along the ground does not sound right at all for a flycatcher.
  5. Foremost, I am loath to post pictures of such poor quality. I will spare you the several excuses for why they are bad. We spotted this one at dusk—solitary and hopping along the ground in a field. Its breast is yellow with dark grayish head and back. I included the pathetic attempt with the flash so the wing feathers can be seen from a posterior view. Taken yesterday in East Texas (Smith County).
  6. What of the white “collar” around the neck?
  7. Observed in East Texas (Gregg County) on April 1. Approximately crow-size.
  8. Observed today in Northeast Texas (Marion County). Would be a lifer for me and a spring migrant, so not very familiar with the species. I believe it is a Black-Throated Green Warbler and looking for confirmation. Thanks!
  9. Photos taken today (as you can tell--shooting against sunlight) in Northeast Texas (Marion County). I'm leaning toward Scarlet Tanager--body is more drab and more contrast between body color and wing color. Also appears to have a slightly more slender bill.
  10. I’m fairly certain this is a Licoln’s Sparrow which would be a lifer for me. Was wanting to get a confirmation on the ID. Seen today (4/16/2020) in East Texas (Tyler).
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