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  1. Am I correct? (I thought I had successfully posted this one and then I couldn't find it in the forum. So I am posting it again)
  2. This is Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Thanks a lot!
  3. or a western wood-pewee? Or the willow flycatcher. I can't tell the differences. :))
  4. Is this great-tailed grackle ( juvenile )? Thanks
  5. taken today in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Is this an eastern pheobe? Thanks.
  6. Thanks a lot! It does look like Black-crowned Night-Heron to me after I googled the image.
  7. Hi, all. I spotted this big white bird here today in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It looked like a similar size to a smaller seagull. But it is not a seagull as the beak or feathers don't look like. It hid behind the willow tree and it flew away when it saw me. Here is my quick photoshot in onedrive. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqQADyivkQp-oRz7ebRyvlK4YB5f?e=TmM22z I'd greatly appreciate it if you could tell what this bird is. Thanks! Victor
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