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  1. Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Right, female looks different from male. Thanks
  2. Hi, all. They don't look like tree sparrows or house sparrows to me. But what are they? Thanks!
  3. @IKLland, thanks! I've checked its sound file online. It is very similar to what I heard. So a house wren it is!
  4. Okay, this is another shot of the bird. Its curvy beak doesn't look like a starling's though. Is it a kind of wren?
  5. @hbvol50 Thanks for trying to help! But it doesn't have any dots on its plumage and the calls are very different. So I would say it is not an European Starling. We have a lot starlings in my neigbhourhood.
  6. https://flic.kr/p/2nA1EFW Its singing is a little bit similar to Yellow Warbler's. Thanks.
  7. I have just recorded its call (hear it from attached) 2022-05-19-15-36-34.mp3
  8. Hi, all. From the look of the bird, I think it is a Baltimore Oriole ( I am located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada ). But it is supposed to sing differently per online bird sound records including Youtube. I attached a sound record ( by me imitating the call pattern ). Could it be something else? Thanks! 2022-05-19-15-04-44.WAV
  9. Am I correct? (I thought I had successfully posted this one and then I couldn't find it in the forum. So I am posting it again)
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