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  1. I know, but I still go by the name in my old books.
  2. This morning at Green Cay in Boynton Beach FL.
  3. In the shadows at the entrance to Green Cay in Boynton Beach FL.
  4. Mute Swan in a canal on Sims Road (just north of Atlantic Ave) in Delray Beach FL. Family of four.
  5. You and I need to do a walk together sometime. BTW, Wako is closed for maintenance for the next couple of weeks.
  6. Great Blue Heron at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach FL.
  7. Glossy Ibis can be found at Green Cay and Wako. Look in any canal for LImpkins. Spotted a Roseate Spoonbill in a canal this morning. That should be on your list.
  8. Green Cay has two boardwalks - 1 mile and 1/2 mile. I'm usually there about 2 hours. The nature center is open Wednesday through Saturday. I think it opens at 9am, not sure, since I'm gone before it opens. The park opens at 6:30am right now. Wakodahatchee is 3/4 mile from the parking lot. Loop is 1/2 mile. That can be done in 1 hour if there's no wildlife. No nature center. Opens at 6am right now. Loxahatchee has loads of trails - grassy berms, one boardwalk, fishing pier and a boat ramp. You can also rent canoes and kayaks. The Marsh Trail and the Cypress Boardwalk are the most popular. Not sure how long it is. If you use the Lee Rd entrance there are usually Black Hooded Parakeets there. A flock of Monk Parakeets flew over a couple of weeks ago. Currently Green Cay has more to see than Wako. I have Black Hooded Parakeets in my yard all the time, especially when there are loquats on my tree. This is from Loxahatchee (made BirdWatching Magazine Photo of the Day back in March).
  9. I think you and I need to take a walk around Wakodahatchee or Green Cay. See them there all the time. Wako even has a few NeoTropics.
  10. Did it look like this? This was at Green Cay in Boynton Beach.
  11. Little Blue Heron at Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge in Boynton Beach FL.
  12. Haven't been to Morikami since they started charging to walk the grounds.
  13. Photo not loading for me. Were you at Wakodahatchee in Delray Beach or Green Cay in Boynton Beach? I live 1.5 miles from Wako and 3 miles from Green Cay.
  14. Roseate Spoonbill in the golden hour Green Cay Boynton Beach FL
  15. Really bad shot - way far out. Merlin identified it as a Brown Thrasher. Yay or nay?
  16. I went there before here. That's the site that really confused me.
  17. I thought this was a Black Crowned Night heron since the adult was under it, but then a Yellow Crowned adult flew above it. I can usually tell by the shape of the head. I'm leaning towards Yellow Crowned, but I'm usually wrong. Taken at Green Cay in Boynton Beach FL. Thanks for you help!
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