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  1. I live in Charlotte, NC and hear one in the early evening sometimes.
  2. Was wondering if anyone could identify this bird by its sound. Urban park in uptown Charlotte. Traffic noise too but you can still hear the bird pretty well.
  3. Hi there - can anyone identify this bird? Video from this morning in Charlotte, NC. Can't see it very well but it has a distinct song. Thanks, Nancy
  4. Do you think this might be a chipping sparrow? Charlotte backyard today. Thanks, Nancy https://ibb.co/VWWXGZh https://ibb.co/P62HKMm
  5. Ask was thinking maybe a goldfinch but its beak looked thin and long instead of like a finch beak.
  6. Hi - wondering if you can tell what bird is in the tray. I think the one standing on the edge is a male pine warbler so was thinking the bird in the tray was a female pine warbler. But the bird in the tray has very dark black and white feathers in the back that looks very different than the pine warbler. Plus, I think I saw the female pine warbler a few minutes later without that dark black streaking. Charlotte, NC. https://ibb.co/NrjgWxB https://ibb.co/XxswgmV
  7. Thank you! So exciting to have a new visitor.
  8. Hi there - could you please identify this warbler? Backyard in Charlotte, NC. Thanks! https://ibb.co/0sN2RHW https://ibb.co/167VLZH https://ibb.co/YZFH8Qr
  9. Hi - just saw this hawk in a backyard in Hockessin, DE. Is it a Coopers Hawk? Thanks and Merry Christmas, Nancy https://ibb.co/M86JLj1
  10. Thanks! And thanks for the explanatory notes too. That will help for the next time I see it.
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