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  1. Hi - I initially thought this was a house finch but then the beak looked a little large and the colors maybe not exactly right. Yesterday in Bridgeport, NJ.
  2. Could the second one be a Carolina Wren?
  3. I did think maybe it was a wren just because it was so loud! 🙂
  4. 6:45 this morning - Charlotte NC. Are you able to identify this bird by its song? IMG_4781.MOV
  5. Hello - wondering if anyone can identify this hawk In Charlotte NC from this not so great quality video. https://ring.com/share/6776339816132585989 Thanks, Nancy
  6. I live in Charlotte, NC and hear one in the early evening sometimes.
  7. Was wondering if anyone could identify this bird by its sound. Urban park in uptown Charlotte. Traffic noise too but you can still hear the bird pretty well.
  8. Hi there - can anyone identify this bird? Video from this morning in Charlotte, NC. Can't see it very well but it has a distinct song. Thanks, Nancy
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