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  1. Is anyone able to identify this bird from its two-note song at 2, 6, and 10 seconds? Thank you, Nancy
  2. Thanks Meghann and Kevin. I was beginning to think someone exotic bird had gotten loose - haha. What a funny noise! Hopefully this house will be better than the last bird-wise. I moved in end of September and already saw the two new woodpeckers (yellow bellied sapsucker and northern flickers) and heard a new owl (great horned owl).
  3. Hello - is anyone able to identify this bird by its call? Charlotte, NC today. I recently moved about 7 miles down the road (further out of town) and that’s the reason for all my new bird posts lately. Who knew such a short move would bring so many new birds?!
  4. Charlotte, NC. About an hour ago. Good evening - can someone confirm this is a great horned owl? I listened to a bunch of NC owl sounds on YouTube and I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Sound only. Thank you, Nancy
  5. @meghann I got a better video of the yellow bellied sapsucker this morning. Matches all of the description you gave 🙂 @lonestranger I was sitting in my porch when it came over and was afraid if moved too much it would fly away. Got this mornings clearer video through a different window.
  6. That one I’ve seen over the last few days but can never get a good look. It definitely had a yellowish belly though. I’ll keep an eye out. I need to bring my binoculars out here. Thank you!
  7. Charlotte NC today Meghann just identified the northern flickers in my backyard but I think this one is different. It’s a bit smaller and doesn’t have the black latch on its chest. Again, apologies for the poor video. I was still sitting on the screened porch.
  8. Oh cool - thank you! I haven’t seen those before either.
  9. Charlotte, NC Are you able to identify these woodpeckers? I was thinking maybe yellow bellied sapsucker? That would be a new one for me. Apologies for the poor quality video through the screen.
  10. Hi - question on bluebirds. The bluebird on the left is younger- the parents are still feeding it. The bluebird on the right is an older sibling - hatched in the spring. At first I though the older bird was trying to feed the younger one but then it started attacking it. I finally hit the window to stop it from pecking the younger, smaller bird. Do you know why it did this? I keep more than enough worms out there all the time for the bluebirds. I believe there are 7 - the parents, 3 juveniles hatched in the spring, and two more juveniles hatched more recently which the parents still feed. Thank you, Nancy Charlotte, NC
  11. Nice - thank you! Do you think it was one born this year?
  12. Any idea what type of hawk? I think it was interested in the mourning dove that was sitting in the same spot just before it flew over.
  13. TBN - thank you for that link. He is back today, can fly, and is noisy as ever so he appears to be fine. Just likes to make himself heard I guess!
  14. Okay thank you. Hopefully it will be okay.
  15. I think this is a baby Carolina wren. It seems to have lost its family. It’s been begging for food for about 45 minutes. It flies away when I approach the window but comes back. It’s now sitting on the fence. Is this usual? Do you think it’s okay? Not that I could do anything about it I guess if it wasn’t. I haven’t seen any other wrens around today. IMG_5303.MOV
  16. Hi - I initially thought this was a house finch but then the beak looked a little large and the colors maybe not exactly right. Yesterday in Bridgeport, NJ.
  17. I did think maybe it was a wren just because it was so loud! 🙂
  18. 6:45 this morning - Charlotte NC. Are you able to identify this bird by its song? IMG_4781.MOV
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