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  1. Sorry for poor quality audio. San Diego CA, north county, in a small canyon within a suburban area. This call is familiar to me but I just can’t place it, Merlín wasn’t helpful. Thanks a million to anyone who knows!! In case you are having trouble seeing, there is a black bird at the top of the sugar maple in the video who is making this call back and forth with a second individual that I couldn’t locate IMG_8524.MOV
  2. Thank you! That explains why he was so large. Merlin app kept telling me he was a goose.
  3. Saw this guy hanging out with the other Mallards at Miramar Reservoir (aka Lake Miramar). Couldn’t find any information with similar looking pictures. He’s clearly a duck, but what kind? Is he a mallard or a hybrid with something else?
  4. Have a photo and a video. Got to work at a little before 8AM (down in a canyon, less than 1000ft above sea level I believe, also less than 5 miles from the shoreline, San Diego CA) and heard this little fella chirping. I should have realized it was strange that he didn't fly away when I accidentally parked right by him. I also thought the fluffiness was due to him fluffing himself up to get warm in the early morning. Posted on iNaturalist and someone let me know that he's a baby! When I went back to check on him a few hours later he was gone, so I'm hoping either he flew away or his parents found him and took him back to the nest. baby bird at markim.mov IMG_6029.HEIC
  5. Recorded this call in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, California. About an hour east of downtown San Diego. Elevation ~2000 ft, beautiful park in the Cleveland National Forest. I was able to see this bird briefly with my binoculars, looked to be at least crow-sized if not larger and I could see a pale underside, sort of a tan color, but couldn't see much else. Got the call on video but haven't found any good matches. I've attached a video, but it doesn't show the bird, so I also attached an audio-only version. Sorry for all the background noise! bird call need to ID.mov bird call audio.m4a
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